Back when I was still in my middle school years, I always mess with my computers and trying out new things that I've never did before. I was fascinated by all things technology, hardware and software alike. The Internet was like a new thing to me, as my family could not afford to subscribe for an Internet connection years before that. Internet was so expensive in my country, it's gotten cheaper now but it still can be considered as expensive when the packages offered here is compared with what the other countries are offering.

I used to visit a lot of forums, blogs and it then occurred to me, "Hey, why not I start my own website?" I was still a kid, thinking that starting up a website is an easy thing. I never really started a live website to the public. I played around with XAMPP, installing and trying out many different content management systems like PHP-Fusion, Drupal and Joomla. I also had an Internet friend who I met Frets On Fire Fans Forum, who's also the same age as mine. We were very close back then as we used to play Frets On Fire together, bragging about scores, comparing our song chartings, etc. It was at that time we had an idea, "Let's start our own forums and see whose are better."

Obviously, nothing happened. What could possibly two kids, who knew exactly nothing could ever successfully start our own forums, let alone keeping it active. But I learned a lot in the process, it was very fun. I learned how to set up my own forums, using various software like phpBB and MyBB. My favourite was MyBB, it was still a fresh fish at that time. MyBB was my favourite due to its ease of use, design and is also easier to create your own "embed code", or something along that line. I created and published a few "embed codes" (really, I completely forgot what it was called) for MyBB for easy embedding of YouTube videos and many others.

It's years after that, I'm in my final high school year, things are getting more serious. I started a personal blog for fun more than 2 years ago in 2013 under a few different names on the same domain, The last name I can remember is Nozomi. It was very fun while it lasted, until I got very busy with school and stuff. The domain expired during my finals last year so I couldn't renew it in time. I was able to scavenge some old stuff but when I looked at them again right now, I feel so embarrassed thinking that I actually wrote all those things back then. Can't say I'm not impressed with them, though. The blog was mainly about anime, The Sims and some tech stuff or tips.

I'm sticking to the same theme even until now, as tech will be my line of work in a few years time. But that doesn't matter. I'm starting over again this year under a new name and domain, hoping that this one would last forever. Oh well. I guess I better start cranking up and create some new contents...