It has been a while since I last solved a programming competition challenge. Or heck, even do programming in general. Time has been moving on so fast that I just couldn't keep up with it to do any programming or practicing for programming competitions.

Not to say that I completely stopped programming for a while, because I sure do hope that developing this theme on my blog and one other blog for the past few months counts as programming as well.

A bigger factor was that I had long since played video games, so I went back home and started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. Just like I used to during my high school days. "Happy trucking!", I'd say to myself as I woke up from bed every morning. ETS2 has always been very addicting and I even started streaming myself playing ETS2 on Twitch.

Well today, I started solving a few challenges but my God, I have gotten so damn rusty. It took me a while to figure out again how to do basic I/O on C++ and Java. Part of me wanted to blame how theoretical my classes are this semester but honestly, it is truly my own fault for neglecting my practice.

I'm going to work harder so as not to disappoint myself.