We all know how bad SCS's implementation of anti-aliasing in the game for so many years now. When ATS was announced, I was very excited to see if there's any improvement to the graphics engine, alas there was none (aesthetically-wise).

This is a very old trick in the book however it was not widely discussed by the community (only a handful of them did). I did my own testing using the various compatibility fix codes that were suggested and 0x000010C1 turned out to be the best of all of them.

Unfortunately, this workaround is only for Nvidia users. For now. AMD users are highly encouraged to do their own research and come up with something similar using similar tools. I'm sure there are a lot of tools for AMD users out there that serves to do the job just like Nvidia Profile Inspector would.

Now that the anti-aliasing part is solved for good, what about ambient occlusion? Currently, it is just so sad to see the cars hovering over the road, travelling with fake shadows. I really do hope someone comes up with a solution for that. ReShade does not seem to work due to some weird way the game do depth buffers.


Window panes. Steering wheel, dashboard and GPS. Road dividers.

Nvidia Inspector

  • Antialising compatibility: 0x000010C1
  • Antialiasing mode: Override
  • Antialiasing setting: 4x Multisampling (aka 4x MSAA)
  • Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling: 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling (aka 4x SGSSAA)
  • Anisotropic filtering mode: User-defined / Off
  • Texture Filtering - LOD Bias (DX): -1.1250
  • Texture Filtering - Quality: High Quality

    In-game Settings

  • MLAA: Off
  • Scaling: 100% - 200% (Depends on your resolution. I use 100% on 3440x1440.)