Yeah, you know my old blog died due to the unrecoverable hard disk crash on the server which my old blog was hosted on.

It is truly unfortunate as I've always liked what they do, completely free and always transparent with their customers/users. It's not easy to come by a free webhosting that is as generous as HelioHost, whom I daresay is the only free webhosting service that provides every single thing that you don't need but others might need. They are that generous. Not to mention there's no bandwidth limit too. If you're looking for a normal webhosting service that will do the job and is very reliable, do check them out.

So with all that years of experience with regular webhosting services, provided with cPanel and all, I came across OpenShift about a few months after setting up my old blog. Unlike the usual services that I have signed up for, OpenShift is actually more like a service where you can have your own servers which can be determined it's functionalities with the usage of cartridges.

From there, you can basically have an endless and almost limitless access as to how your server behaves. Think of it like an Amazon EC2 but is much simpler and more specialised.

For now, I'll just make sure that I am familiarised enough with OpenShift. It's doing the job really well albeit not so easy for the first time.